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For a price quotation on the purchase of new calibration equipment, instrumentation supplies, laboratory services, or rental equipment, please use this convenient online quote form.

Our calibration and repair service can support your equipment maintenance needs. We service most brands of calibration equipment and can provide you with the best in replacement parts and equipment. If you need your equipment though it's in need of repair or maintenance, Cal Tech has a full rental option for you. So there is no need for downtime! Cal Tech is here to get you back up and running smoothly with supplying the best of products, equipment, and services for your company.

To have your equipment serviced, just fill-out our service form and ship your equipment with the form to Cal Tech.

* Please allow for one business day for response; most responses are handled the same business day. If you require immediate response please contact us.
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As part of our service, CAL TECH maintains an instrument tracking database listing a detailed history of your equipment purchase, repair and calibration services that were provided. To help ensure that you meet quality assurance requirements and to avoid out-of-tolerance measurements, a notification is sent 30 days in advance of the instrument re-certification due date. For questions regarding calibration and repair or for advanced scheduling, please call us and ask for the Calibration Laboratory Supervisor.

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