Cal Tech Instrument Repair and Calibration Laboratory

CAL TECH provides repair and N.I.S.T. traceable calibration for most instrumentation equipment. Instruments sent in to CAL TECH are recorded in our repair and calibration database. Each item is inspected before repair or re-calibration and their condition noted. For calibration an "as-found" calibration is performed and documented. Your instrument is thoroughly cleaned and if necessary, calibrated and/or repaired to the manufacturer's original specifications and "as-left" data recorded.

A calibration certificate and data sheet(s) are issued for each item unless otherwise requested. A CAL TECH label indicating calibration date and next calibration due date is affixed to each instrument.

As part of our service, CAL TECH maintains an instrument tracking database listing a detailed history of your equipment purchase, repair and calibration services that were provided. A notification is sent 30 days in advance of when your equipment is due for re-certification to help ensure that you meet quality assurance requirements and to avoid out-of-tolerance measurements.

For questions regarding calibration and repair or for advanced scheduling, please call us and ask for the Calibration Laboratory Supervisor.

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